While out for a run the other morning listening to one of my favorite business podcasts I started thinking about all of the things that separate the way I’m wired and think from everyone else.
I’ve often heard coaches, productivity experts, and others talk about the importance of “work life balance” and how that we should try and not take our work home with us….that we should “turn it off.”

I truly believe that systematizing your business can add a great deal of peace in your personal life because you’ll have the confidence to know that everything’s been accounted for and delegated to the right people. Rather than “turning it off” and going home, you’ll be able to “hit the dimmer switch” and be in the moment with your family. I don’t believe entrepreneurs and business owners can truly turn it off.


I’ll call B.S. on that. All day long.

That’s not a slight or shot against those coaches. It’s just the way that I’m wired, and I’ll embrace it. I’ve heard of people trying to form habits that have worked with other people and they try and be someone they’re not. They try and force who they are into the way that someone else says they should be.

If you’ve tried to do that, I’d ask you this question: “Have you met yourself??” Have you done a personal inventory of your greatest strengths and qualities?

I’ve made the conscious decision to not do that…to not try and “turn it off.” Rather, I’ll focus my efforts on maximizing my strengths and delegating my weaknesses (that is to say, delegate the tasks and responsibilities that rely on my weakest qualities and traits). Each day, I try and focus my efforts on what I do well and try and become better and better at my craft.

What are you doing in your business and in your daily tasks to clear your mental cache? Can you hit the dimmer switch when you leave the office each day? If not, ask yourself why not and then craft a plan to help you gain the clarity needed.

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  1. Amy Mason

    Thanks Adam – well said; and a lot of it pertains to leaders in general.

    • Adam Cmejla

      Thanks for the comment and for reading, Amy! Hope you and the family are doing well!!