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The first part of 2016 has proven to be very busy and exciting for ICAS on multiple fronts. We’ve successfully aligned with a number of firms already throughout 2016 and are finally in a position to announce a great partnership that has been many months in the making…

We are excited to partner with Loring Ward and provide to them a customized and proprietary version of our workflow system! Loring Ward is a firm that was founded by three advisors in Silicon Valley in 1990 and they continue to be focused on being a leading resource for advisors throughout the country who want to provide a advisors and clients alike with a better wealth management experience. As a firm with a strong, 25 year relationship with Dimensional Fund Advisors and $13 billion in AUM (as of 9/15), they continue to be a leader in the advisory space and deliver innovative and client-focused solutions.

Loring Ward has invested a great deal of resources around a financial and investment planning process that is a bit different than the traditional advisor’s process. Their Design-Build-Protect process is focused around providing the client not only an exceptional investment experience but an overall life planning experience–something missing from most client-advisor relationships.

Our workflows will but specifically tailored around the Design-Build-Protect process and enable and empower an advisor and their team to deliver an exceptional client experience while leveraging the technology that they have in their firm.

In addition to a copy of all of the supporting workflows, advisors that choose to partner with Loring Ward will also receive our Advisor Implementation Guide, Workflow Best Practices, and video tutorials…all of which will help firms implement a workflow system into their existing firm as seamlessly as possible.

Stay tuned for additional updates. If you’re interested in learning more about our workflow systems, please fill out our contact form. If you’re interested in learning more about Loring Ward and how they can benefit you, your firm, and your clients, contact them for an initial conversation.