We coach, advise, and (sometimes) preach to clients tirelessly the importance of saving and making deposits in their accounts. We impress upon them the return on that investment and the future growth. I’ll emphasize one word again in that previous sentence: investment.

An investment signifies an intention to grow the original principal. We hope the return on that investment was worth the opportunity cost of what we otherwise could have done with the original principal.

I’d encourage you to heed your own advice and make an investment…but make the investment an emotional one. Take time…it could be as short as 1min…and remember why you do what you do and what you are working to become. Connecting with that emotion again and revisiting your core values and purpose is an emotional investment in yourself.

So many times as advisors we find ourselves with the job title of “firefighter,” constantly putting out client or staff fires, falling behind on meaningful and important tasks, and losing focus on what our intentions and goals are for our firm, our team, our clients, and ourselves.

Take minute to think back to the last time a client said “thank you.” Think back to a recent conversation that you enjoyed. Reflect on how that made you feel, both in the moment as well as shortly thereafter.

Use that deposit as currency that you can withdraw at a point in the future when your patience is tested and your resolve is challenged.

We all know that a healthy account balance serves us well.

To your success…