I’ve had quite the travel hiccups the last 5 days going to and coming from Jacksonville. Between the 6hr delay-after-unexplained-delay at IAD (Dulles) on the way out and a delayed-and-then-cancelled flight on the way back, I could have very easily sat back and complained, whined, and sulked that I’ll be over a day late getting home than originally planned. On the way out with my delays, I did in fact get in line with other passengers and complain to United and they did what they could to accommodate.

As I sit here at the Hilton DoubleTree just outside of DCA in Washington, DC and work on my WiFi-connected iPad while listening to music on my iPhone after having a hot shower, a nice bed to sleep in and a filling breakfast, I was almost embarrassed that I had the urge to complain. There are so many people that would give anything to have my “problems.”

While I certainly don’t enjoy the delays (and miss Andrea and Brooklyn like crazy), and they are a bit frustrating at the time they happen, we have to remind ourselves that, for the most part, darn near 100% of you that read this have more to be thankful and grateful in life than we’ll ever really acknowledge.

All that to say that sometimes it’s important to take a step back, look at your life “from 30,000 feet,” and be grateful for the things and people that we have in our life that make life worth living.

There are always issues, people, situations, and circumstances that could give us reason to complain. Perspective and gratitude is a wonderful skill and trait to develop and work on daily.

Build time into your schedule to work on yourself as well as your business and reflect on the blessings that you have in your life. Contentment is a wonderful feeling that introduces an amazing sense of peace and calm over the daily chaos that (more easily) captures our attention.