Four Things Every Advisor Shouldn’t Do

Process paperwork. If you’re still producing, populating, and processing paperwork for client acquisition and service issues, you’re costing your firm money. Plain and simple. Clients don’t choose to work with you because you’re really good at filling out a form. They work with you and are looking for you to plan with them, analyze their situation, and manage their financial affairs accordingly. Between technology solutions like LaserApp and your staff, your goal should be to touch as little “paper” (physical or electronic) as possible. Data Entry. This is a close second to #1.…continue reading →

The True Cost of Workflow Management

I believe that a lot of advisors live in a fairy-tale type world. That is to say, what they think they spend their days doing and what they actually spend their days doing are two different things, or at the very least not in the same proportion as they think. As an example: we all know that, in order to scale and grow an already successful practice, an efficient advisor should really be spending their time doing one of three things: prospecting new potential client relationships, serving and connecting on a deeper level…continue reading →