As advisors we all-too-often get caught up putting out fires and attending to the “crisis de jour” while doing our best to “move the ball forward” on existing opportunities that we have to grow our business.

The important thing to remember, though, is that by having a process and system for everything in your business it allows you to take the emotional component out of running a business and rather just focus on what you have in front of you at the moment. Once you’ve built, customized, and trust your systems you can become a more efficient advisor.

One area that we see people struggle is keeping track of potential client relationships and moving those relationships through a prospecting pipeline. We’ve seen everything for tracking potential relationship: Post-It notes, a scratch pad, Outlook, a dry erase board, and…worst of all…their head. However, all of these systems have one thing in common: they require the end user (the advisor) to take the next step.

The importance of a CRM, as we learn from Michael Reynolds at Spinweb is that CRM’s like Redtail and Junxure can do an incredible amount of work on behalf of the advisor…if you let it and listen to it.