One of the biggest obstacles that I had to overcome very early on in my career wasn’t that of lack of prospects. It wasn’t an unsupportive manager or a dysfunctional office environment. It wasn’t due to lack of technology or inefficient marketing plan.

No, my biggest obstacle that I had to get over was myself. It was the voice in my head that was telling me I wasn’t good enough, qualified enough, smart enough, or trustworthy enough to have clients trust me with their financial affairs. It was this notion that there was someone else out there that was better than me.

I read Seth Godin’s newest blog post that talked about AI and the benefit that computers and machines have over humans. Interestingly enough, there are a lot of similarities to what Seth is talking about that we must overcome.

As an advisor, it’s important for you to realize that even if you are new in this business and don’t feel like you have that much knowledge, you are still smarter than 98% of the general public when it comes to investments, financial advice, and overall planning.

Most importantly, though, don’t forget that passion, dedication, and conviction trump all. Show me an advisor that is passionate about what she does for her clients and I’ll show you someone that has more meaningful and impactful client relationships than any other advisor that may have 10x the knowledge but no passion.

You do make a difference. You change lives. You impact futures. And, most importantly, you are needed now more than ever before.