The Essential Solution

You consider yourself (a) proficient in workflows and how they work which has (b) made you realize that you don’t have the time nor do you want your staff taking the time to build an entire workflow system. We get it.

That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive list of workflows that we can seamlessly copy into your existing Redtail database and work with you for a period of 4 hours to help you implement and customize the system to your firm’s practices.

Choose this option if: you want a fully assembled workflow system and you feel comfortable customizing the majority of the workflows yourself, but you and your staff just need a bit of training and direction to get started.

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The Optimal Solution

You’ve been using Redtail CRM for quite some time, but you don’t know the difference between a workflow step, task, or outcome. You also have other advisor(s) or support member(s) that are either new to Redtail and/or workflows and realize that additional training is going to be needed.

The Optimal Solution includes everything that is provided in the Essentials Solution, but we’re with you for a total of 10 hours (instead of 4 hours). That additional time is typically spent with additional customization training for in-depth workflow management or the creation of up to 3 additional, custom workflows that are not included in the original templates.

We will also spend time with the advisor(s) in the firm on specific revenue-producing activities that can be tracked and documented in both Workflows as well as the Opportunity Tracker.

Choose this option if: you want everything in the Essential program plus an additional amount of 1-1 training for you and your staff.

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